Our Story


It is our mission to develop an athlete's mind and skills, and to create a positive atmosphere where all players can succeed while holding them to the standards of a Titan. We are focused on fostering an environment where young athletes can be the best they can be, on and off the court, ensuring that they always come first. Further, we want our players to have fun playing while learning and improving their skills.


Titan Athletics is dedicated to providing an opportunity for all youth who want to develop and excel in the sports of Volleyball and Basketball.

About Us / Philosophy

ti-tan (n) is defined as "a person or thing of enormous size, strength, power, influence, or achievement."

Our philosophy is deeply routed in the meaning of our name. At Titan Athletics, we strive to create an environment where each player will learn the benefits of teamwork, discipline and leadership. Our dedicated coaching staff will help instill core values about character, courage, confidence, and the joys of achievement.

We are driven to bring about these positive changes in our players by providing them with a competitive and family-oriented environment, ensuring that the child always comes first. We are also committed to developing a solid base of fundamental skills and a passion for the sport. By mentoring and guiding the youth, their limitations will be tested so that they reach their full potential to becoming young men and women of high character headed down a path of excellence.

Our Story

From its simple beginnings of ideas scribbled on a napkin, Titan Athletics has grown to be one of the premier clubs for offering a competitive club experience at an affordable rate. Having been involved with scholastic and club sports for over fifteen years, our founder, Coach Hanah Kim, realized the need to offer student-athletes a club where players could play for an affordable price without sacrificing quality. While out to dinner with friends, Coach Hanah began scribbling down his ideas on a napkin that laid the foundation for Titan Athletics.

The foundations focused on a player-first environment which would challenge student-athletes to become stronger athletes and better citizens in their community. All that remained was finding a name that would exemplify our vision. Drawing inspiration from one of his favorite sports films, "Remember The Titans", Coach Hanah realized the value and strength behind the word "Titan". Titan Athletics LLC was founded in August of 2010 under that premise.

Since the club's inception in 2010, Titan Athletics started with six club volleyball teams and two basketball teams. A few years later, with the hard work and dedication of its staff and experienced coaches, Titan Athletics has grown astronomically to sixteen volleyball and five basketball teams in various playing levels. Starting in 2018, Titan Athletics is proud to move into a new direction as Titan Athletics, a non-profit. We are so proud of everyone’s support.