Tryout Process for Titan Girls Volleyball Programs

Due to COVID-19, our tryout process for the 2020-21 season has been modified. The below information is not applicable for the 2020-21 season.

Titan Local, Travel, and Select Programs

Preparing for Tryouts:

We typically hold a series of clinics and/or open gyms in September/October leading up to tryouts. The last clinic is designed to mimic our tryout format to help the athletes and coaches prepare for what to expect.

Tryouts and Make-Up Tryouts:

Tryouts for the Titan Local, Travel, and Select programs occur in November. First weekend in November is the primary tryout, where we try to fill all team openings. Team lists will be posted at the end of the tryout and if selected, you will receive additional information. Anyone not selected for a team will be placed on a waiting list.

The second weekend in November is the make-up tryout, where we fill any vacancies. Some teams may be full at this point and will not be making new offers to athletes.

Tryout Pre-Registration:

Prior to attending tryouts, we request that you pre-register online via our website. You will be asked to provide a Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) membership number in order to participate in the tryout. To obtain a membership number, you can purchase a NCVA Girls Junior Membership or the NCVA girls tryout membership.  Although the tryout membership is cheaper, if the athlete is selected to be on a team, she will need a full membership and will not get the money back for the tryout membership. Titan has no control over these requirements.

Team Options:

Before you arrive, please be sure to check the age requirements chart for eligibility. Athletes can play in higher age groups, but not lower age groups. Also, review the different program offerings so you know if your athlete will be trying out for Titan Local, Travel, Select, or a combination of these divisions.

Signing Up:

If selected for a team, you will be asked to register online for the season. We offer a variety of flexible payment plans, but do not provide scholarships.

Good luck! We can't wait to see you!

Spring League Program

Our spring league program is a sign up, non-tryout team that we will be sending out info in Jan.  This is not a typical club team.  This is a high school age division only team that is run by local high school coaches and they have one practice a week and one half day tournament on either a Sat. or Sun.